The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
Snow melts in the Sierras and flows through rivers and streams toward the heart of the system.
California’s primary water supply hub.
Home to more than 700 native species.
But, The Delta is No Longer equipped to serve all those who depend on it, and challenges are mounting
California WaterFix

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We need to modernize our state's water delivery system to protect against earthquakes, prepare for drought and ensure a reliable supply of water for our homes, farms and businesses. California WaterFix has been in development for nearly ten years to meet these needs:

Water Supply Reliability
Drought Preparedness
Seismic Security
Environmental Restoration
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State Water Project Stakeholder Activation Toolkit
Click here to view our State Water Project Stakeholder Activation Toolkit complete with an activation calendar, activation tools and all six of our regional SWP fact sheets.
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