Our Staff
Terry Erlewine
General Manager

Terry Erlewine has devoted his entire career to California water supply management and planning. As the general manager of the State Water Contractors, he is responsible for overseeing and carrying out the organization’s objectives.

Erlewine coordinates with the CA DWR with regard to daily SWP operations, statewide water supply management and deliveries, and the numerous efforts, programs, policies, regulations, and multi-party agreements affecting SWP operations. Erlewine oversees the SWC’s participation in the current and developing framework for managing water supply and ecological issues within the Delta.

Stefanie Morris
General Counsel

Stefanie Morris has served as SWC’s General Counsel since joining the organization in November 2013. Specializing in California water law, Morris has extensive experience in water rights,  groundwater adjudications, and litigation.

As general counsel, she represents SWC in all legal matters and on legal and policy issues at public meetings, coordinating with other public water agencies, and before the SWRCB, and other regulatory agencies. She also manages and supervises outside attorneys engaged by SWC and works with the attorneys representing SWC member agencies.

Eric Chapman
Principal Engineer

Eric Chapman, a licensed civil engineer, has served as SWC’s Principal Engineer since 2003. Eric works closely with the Department of Water Resources and SWC member agencies to advance solutions across a broad spectrum of categories, including: finance, information and control systems, technology and business development, as well as SWP engineering, construction, operations and maintenance activities.

Timothy J. Haines
Deputy General Manager

Tim Haines has more than 20 years of professional experience in the power industry having worked for utilities, consulting firms, and the California International Organization for Standardization. In his role, Haines is responsible for establishing and achieving SWC Board of Directors’ energy and risk goals and objectives, and serves as the authority within the industry and with state and federal regulatory agencies.

Allison Febbo
Water Resource Specialist

Allison Febbo is a hydrologist with over 17 years of professional experience in California water resource management. She has served as a Water Resource Specialist with SWC more than 10 years, providing technical expertise on statewide issues that affect the State Water Project’s ability to store, export, and deliver water supply. Additionally, she performs technical analyses of water supply operations under varying infrastructure, hydrologic conditions, and regulatory conditions.