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Protecting California Water Supplies

The water that moves through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Delta) supplies fresh water for 26 million Californians, the majority of the state’s businesses, three million acres of farmland, and many diverse ecosystems. The state’s antiquated water delivery system tasked with protecting and moving Delta water supplies is no longer fit for the job – earthquakes and rising sea levels pose a constant threat to freshwater, water managers are unable to capture needed rainfall during drought, and the environment still deteriorates. There’s no question that we need to change the way we divert water from the Delta. Governor Brown’s administration has proposed a fix – California WaterFix, and the parallel California EcoRestore, aims to protect the Delta and improve water reliability for all who depend on this critical supply by constructing two pipelines to move water under – rather than through – the fragile Delta.

California WaterFix Dual Pipeline System:

  • 2 pipelines: 30 miles long, 40 feet in diameter, ≈150 feet below ground
  • 3 new intake facilities designed to protect fish
  • $15 billion estimated capital investment

Benefits of Modernizing the System

Seismic Security
Built to withstand earthquakes and protect this critical water supply from potential disruptions caused by climate change. 

Drought Preparedness
Provide water agencies the flexibility to capture and store more water when supplies are avilable, enabling the state to better prepare and minimize the impacts of future droughts. 

Environmental Protection
Restore the natural direction of Delta river flows by moving the primary diversion point from the South Delta to the North Delta, benefiting threatened fish species. 

Path to Advancing a Solution for the Delta

Public water agencies that purchase water from the State Water Project, and its federal counterpart, the Central Valley Project, would fund the construction, ongoing operations and any environmental mitigation associated with the project. The state’s water agencies are dedicated to keeping water supplies safe for customers and will continue to review this approach as more information is made available. 

For more information on California WaterFix, please see below.

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